Online Travel Writing Class with Amanda Castleman

Last call to get into Amanda Castleman’s popular travel writing class on From Free Trips to Flat Tires The ten-week course explores the different types of travel writing, including first-person memoirs, destination guides, historic reflections and news flashes for globe-trotting executives. Learn to devise appealing pitches and target the right editors. She’ll enlighten you about the tricks of the trade, from filing taxes to building a journalism portfolio. But you better hurry, it starts tonight! Here’s the class outline.

What: Travel Writing: From Free Trips to Flat Tires
Date: Begins today but she’ll fill the last spot until Feb 1
Time: Contact Amanda.
Cost: $270, register here.

And here’s a testimonical:




“I haven’t taken Amanda Castleman’s class ­ I already make a living as a travel writer ­ but because she’s a friend, she just looked over a 6,000-word piece I was doing for National Geographic Traveler. Plain and simple, her comments and suggestions were the best I have ever seen from any editor, anywhere. Amanda’s a genius.” —Ed Readicker-Henderson, A Lowell-Thomas-winner

Amanda’s travel writing portfolio contains many bylines in big newspapers, magazines, and websites, but recently she’s been working on travel guidebooks and anthologies. She also writes the blog Road Remedies and teaches a ten-week advanced travel writing workshop.