Three Cool Things: #2 Slingbox

slingbox.jpgNow, this came out last year, but it was the first time I heard about since I’m new to a TiVo home. And it’s perfect for travelers who can’t even think of missing their TV shows back home.


As I was shown, the software downloads on to your computer and then you can get into your TiVo from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. That means that when I’m logged on to the net from Lithuania next month, I’ll be able to watch my favorite shows like Medium and House which are programmed into the TiVo back home.




**But you don’t have to have Tivo. Slingbox is compatible with TiVo, Comcast’s Motorola DVR, Replay TV, Ultimate TV, DISH, DirecTV, and more.

Still not impressed? FORTUNE Magazine called Sling Media one of the “25 Breakout Companies of 2005.”

Now, the question is—are Blake and Jason Krikorian still single? Because, ladies, I would not be surprised if I saw them on some hot bachelors of 2006 list.

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