Three Cool Things: #3 Flying Cloud Blog

Ummm…I’ll have their job!
Brian, our heroine, and their dog Curtis are driving around the country blogging about their travels in a remodeled 1963 Airstream named Flying Cloud. Does it get any better than that? Yes. They’re poker players. I only just found out about their blog. But so far, our heroine has taken first in the 2006 Hard Rock Tampa Ladies NL Hold’em Tournament. And Brian won a $100 buy-in NL Hold ‘Em single table tournament while he was waiting for her.

Besides what an awesome adventures this is, their pictures are FANTASTIC and quite the pictoral of roadside America.




Curtis is the best dog ever
Curtis is the best dog ever #2, followed by great pics of Wyoming

Flying Cloud wears my favorite color
Flying Cloud must love this adventure, too

The first thing that came to mind when I heard about them was that I have to mention them in my BLUFF column, and the second thing that came to mind was, I have to go meet them at the finish in VEGAS on April 8! We’ll see….John might think I’m nuts. Seriously, I want to buy some of their pics. This is so up my alley I can’t even talk about it.

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