NYT Travel Show: The First Prague Book Sale

One of the highlights of the New York Times Travel Show, was being witness to David Farley and Jessie Sholl’s genuine excitement at the sight, sale, and signing of their new book Travelers’ Tales Prague. I’ve been with Travelers’ Tales since book three, India, and Prague is sure to be in the 100+ count. I’ve seen so many books arrive fresh, that I supposed I’ve seasoned some. But their thrill reminded me just how exciting it is to see a book come together. David and Jessie worked hard on compiling the stores and are already primed to work just as hard on marketing the destination anthology.

So, I had to insist that we take a picture at the very first sale. It was taken on Friday.Travelers’ Tales Prague“> Travelers’ Tales Prague was rushed to the travel show, and will be in bookstores very soon.