Buy a Review in ForeWord

I had no idea that you could buy a review in ForeWord Magazine. Did you? I just found this on Marketing Services” href=”″> by CLARION, review for fee service in Marketing Services

We will post this review on the Website for all our visitors to see. We also place these reviews in the leading databases used by book buyers (our reviews are licensed to Baker & Taylor’s Title Source II, Bowker’s, and Ingram’s iPage). Librarians, booksellers, and other book buyers use these sites to make purchasing decisions. By placing the reviews with these databases, it should help you open markets for your book.

Ok, I understand. They get it on the website, not in the magazine. That makes more sense.




It’s right there smack on the front page, so it’s not misleading. But a quick look at the reviews that they have listed shows only 11 titles. I don’t know if this is a new feature or not. I’d be curious to hear more about the database they’re talking about.

Anyone know about this? Is it good for an author who is having trouble getting reviewed? The thing is, you wouldn’t want to wait the few months to see if you got reviewed first. You might just want to throw in the $300 and do it timed to the launch of your book. I’m open to hearing if anyone has seen any results from using this feature.