Change of Scenery for Jen Leo

Ok, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved. I’m now officially living in Pasadena, CA. If you didn’t hear the story….I moved to Vegas last year to watch the World Series of Poker. Met a great guy and followed him to LA– Burbank, actually. Well, we’ve just rented a cute house a few miles from Old Pasadena. I love Pasadena. And I’m looking to start a writing group so email me if you’re interested. jen at jen leo dot com.

The WiFi is hooked up, and I’m off to cranking away.

What’s the latest?




Writing-wise – I’m finishing up a Vegas guidebook for Pulse Guides, have my monthly gossip column for BLUFF due in a few days, working on a chapter for a women’s poker anthology, have some pitches to get out for some women’s glossies, a bunch of interviews to respond to, and I have to finish a book proposal for my girlfriend’s poker player guide.

– I’m doing a variety of freelance stuff. Some of it is writing for Dot.coms (two should become official this week), and I’m also doing some consulting for writers working on books. Mostly I take a look at their PR plans, and giving advice on how they can pump them up and create a better campaign and book launch.

Written Road stuff – We’ve started the book ads, and have a variety of ad opportunities for those who want to speak to this audience. We’re also launching the marketplace. This will be a more affordable area for people to show off their services. We’ve also got some volunteer writers ready to start contributing. I’ve been slow on getting them started, but we should see some starting up pretty soon. Hopefully we’ll have more event, writing workshops, market leads, book reviews, etc up soon.

Ok, what are you working on? I know the Canadian writers are doing 10x this much, so speak up. Lets inspire each other!