Project Planning on the Web

The more I take on, the more being organized becomes crucial. Between magazine articles, author interviews, author events, editorial deadlines, and then up and coming projects that are finding their way to the front burner – it’s only too easy to let one or five slip through the cracks. To eliviate this problem, I’ve been checking out some Wikis. Here are some I’m considering, or know about. Tell me what you’re using so I can check it out before giving my money to one of the top two listed here. | The free service doesn’t really get you anywhere. The minimum is $9.95/month. But that would be worth it to me since they have a contacts database, phone call management, project planning, and event calendars. And by paying, I might be more inclined to really use it. How Jotspot can help you. | I really like the ability to email my to-do list back to me, or someone else. I really don’t like how you can write a note to one of your partners, and they won’t let you copy and paste your text somewhere else. Here are some example pages.


FOR FREE | Their submission tracker is great for those who are sending out quite a few submissions. I’m not using this because I need a planner that incorporates all my projects, not just writing ones. I’d like to have one stop shopping for all my organizational needs.

Ok, tell me what you’re using. Any big over all online planners (with option for group access) to rave about? Thanks!