Write for travel sites HotelChatter and Jaunted

A while back I did a post called Are You Writing For a Travel Blog Yet?

Well, the news is in that both HotelChatter.com and Jaunted.com are looking for writers. And these are paying gigs, while most blog positions are not. Blogging in general doesn’t pay like a magazine article, but for the amount of time you’d put into two newspaper articles, you can crunch out dozens of short posts for a blog. And that means bylines bylines bylines.

Details: Candidates need to visit the sites (HotelChatter and Jaunted) and submit 3 short sample post (in text) based on the voice used on our sites. All submissions and text resumes can be sent to Mark Johnson at help@hotelchatter.com . (Rumor has it that this could even lead to participating in a new travel web magazine).




I was one of the founding writers at HotelChatter, and it gave me great exposure. So, when you’re considering writing for a travel blog, know that it’s a fast way to aquire bylines, gain exposure in this niche market, and improve your research skills if they’re not already fine tuned.

If you want to write individual web travel articles or try your own travel blog, visit the writers section of BootsnAll.com.

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