EscapeArtist Travel Magazine

EA_Travel_Zine.gif EscapeArtist Travel is a new e-zine dedicated to the independent traveler who looks past souvenir t-shirt stands, avoids tour groups, and loves to read intriguing and interesting travel articles. The publication describes itself as “a travel magazine with an attitude, slighty iconoclastic, definitely cutting edge, and willing to take risks, both in attitude and in content.” EscapeArtist Travel is an extension of the popular EscapeArtist, with over 350,000 subscribers. From the introduction page:

The travel magazine with a point of view; a world-view. EscapeArtist Travel Magazine will be about more than travel; it will be about personal exploration through world travel. EscapeArtist Travel is for the independent traveler passionately seeking an interactive cultural experience, meeting local people, examining cultural conditions and exploring unknown lands.




Robin Sparks is the editor of EscapeArtist and tells me that even without pay for writers, competition is stiff but the exposure is great. Subscribe to EscapeArtist (for free) here and send stories about international travel, international real estate, and living abroad here.