I’ve Always Wanted a Jockstrap for my Bday

Jockstrap_sm.jpgHello Summer! Tell me time is flying by for you, too. What Color is Your Jockstrap is hot off the press, literally. It came this weekend just in time for my 35th bday today. Two books in one year! That’s right, another humor book…and man oh man is this one funny. In fact, it’s pretty dern smelly, too.

I got the first copies, so contributors won’t get theirs for a few weeks, and it’ll take a few more weeks to hit bookstore shelves. They’re shipping from the printer and in transit.

So, guess what this means? PR, Baby! We’ve got to spread the word about this cheeky little puppy. And oh is it cheeky. In more ways than one.




And you know that there are men it in this time around. Tim Cahill, Elliott Hester, Rolf Potts, Jim Benning, Frank Bures, and more…The stories are a real hoot and a good mix of the totally bizarre as well as the silly feel good stories that can encourage newbie travelers to say, I can do that! Or in some cases, it’ll never be *that* bad.

But I know, you’re dying to know, how can we twist promotions…well, I’m going to put together a podcast tour, and I’m taking crazy suggestions for a contest. Pictures of me in a steel wool jockstrap? I think we can do better than that!