Bakpak Traveler’s Guide

Bakpak Traveler’s Guide, publisher of budget guides for travelers, is holding its 4th Annual Travel Writing Essay Contest. The contest is sponsored by Rail Europe and GOMIO and will give the winning essayist the opportunity to see Europe, for free! The winner will receive a $500 cash stipend, round-trip ticket to London, a 15-day First Class Eurail Flexipass, 30 nights hostel accommodation, $250 spending allowance, but, more importantly, the opportunity to research and write for their 2006 Europe Hostels & Travel Guide.

Wait! There’s a catch.




There’s a non-refundable entry fee of $20. Because of this, I debated whether or not to share with lead with you. However, in this case, the limited amount of work and great awards package outweigh the entry fee.

To enter, send the entry fee and an original essay (250-500 words) about a particular city, town, or country, convincing the reader to visit, here. Click here for more contest information.