Freelance Writing Leads by Deborah Ng

Where do you find freelance writing jobs — except from us at Written Road? Do you spend hours searching the internet for freelance writing jobs? Tired of that? Well, what if I told you there was a place where you can find the best of the day’s jobs in one place? What if I told you the site was updated almost daily? Lastly, what if I told you it was free?

Freelance Writing Leads




Freelance Writing Leads is a blog written by fellow freelance writer Deborah Ng. Daily (except for weekends and busy days), she scours the internet looking for freelance writing jobs of all genres — technical, copywriting, travel writing, proofreading, researching, and much more — and lists them on her blog. Which is very similar to Freelance Daily, but without the $29.95 yearly fee. Call me lazy, but I love her blog because she does all the work for me. More than that, I admire Deborah Ng for her hard work and dedication to advancement of freelance writers. This is a project, not a job. She doesn’t collect a dime from this. So, if you snag a job from her blog, leave something in her tip jar and give back the the freelance writing gods.

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