Launching What Color is Your Jockstrap?

jockstrapwebsite.jpgWhat Color is Your Jockstrap? is going to hit bookstore shelves this week. We’re ramping up the PR front, and have just launched the website. I’ve recently been studying book blogs, helping authors create their own, and tried my best on this one. The beauty of having a blog is that you can update it yourself and are not reliant on tech guys to make all the changes.

Let me know if you see anything it’s missing. Except for draping it in widgets, I tried to cover the bases. But let me know what your ideas are and I’ll consider adding them. What would you like to hear from an author, besides dynamic content. That will come!




And if you do want to take a look at other book blogs, check out the books category of TypePad’s Featured Blogs. They are proud of their authors and giving them their snaps.