Writers Wanted: Fisher Travel SOS

Are you looking to be a part of a travel website from the ground up? Fishers Travel SOS is looking for you. I had a chance to chat with Julian Fisher about his project, and it sounds like a worthwhile venture. His aim is to create a global guidebook of local emergency services for both business travelers and tourists. It seems like an essential tool for the independent traveler as well. What if you need to go to the hospital, what if your passport gets stolen like it did it did for Stephanie Elizondo Griest? And, what many travelers are familiar with, what do you do if your money is stolen?

Fisher Travel SOS would lead you in the right direction. Even if you’re in Buenos Aires or Malmo.

The guides will be divided into ten chapters and include legal information as well as info on transportation and communication.

There are positions open for Italy, Portugal, Romania, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, and Dubai.

Read on for more information about the writers and editors they are looking for, as well as a short Q & A with founder, Julian Fisher.

Research Writers: This is about a six week project and training is given. There are between 200 – 250 listings in each guidebook, with nearly 20 fields of contact info/data to write for each.

Prerequisites: The writer must be over 21 and have access to a computer (PC) with internet access and the ability to utilise Skype. You will have more than 3 years experience using the internet and whilst not essential any experience researching will be helpful. You will have good spoken and written English.

Editors: Fisher Travel is also looking for editors to do some writing and fact check the writers of the guidebooks.




Q&A With Julian Fisher

Jen: Julian, A guidebook like this would be so useful, and put many parents of study abroad kids to rest. Where did you come up with the idea to do it?

Julian: In fact it was after 2 incidents to my children (over 2 separate holidays) that finally drove-home the idea. Lacking information to deal with a crisis on home territory is bad enough but to be abroad..! When nothing was available I started to work on my own guides but found I needed information per destination. That entailed collecting many tens of thousands of contacts and when that little gem of a fact dawned on me I truly launched the Fisher’s we know today.

Jen: Once the SOS guides have been written, where will they be available? And how much will they cost?

Julian: The guides will be available as a printed booklet and as a self-print online version. I haven’t finalised the price as yet but it will be under $15 with various discounts and deals for bulk purchasers.

Jen: I’ve heard that there were some skeptics talking about this project on Travelwriters.com. What was that about? Can you dispel any concerns that Written Road readers might have about payment for this hard work?

Julian: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it is a shame however that such postings are being used to ‘vent’ frustrations rather than genuine concern. I will continue to offer as much information as possible to help people make up their own minds – that, and speaking with everyone in person on a regular basis.

Jen: Well, I’d feel plenty safe with an editor who offers up his home address on his website like you have.

Jen: When will the guides launch? Are they available now?

Julian: We go live in 2 months and public, with a press launch in London, in 3.

Jen: Ok, thanks for your time, Julian.

More information can be found on their website and by emailing Julian Fisher.