Interview in Transitions Abroad

Transitions Aboard interviewed Jen for their July/August 2006 issue. Jen talks what drew her into travel writing, her future plans, and the inspiration behind her latest humor book, What Color is your Jockstrap. But, I particularly loved what Jen said about her first international trip to Hong Kong and the impact travel can have on a person:

I would say that my trip to Hong Kong strengthened my belief that travel can influence the adventurer’s sense of self. Travel changes people. If the journeyman or woman is open, they’ll see or feel the difference after their return. Sometimes, others see it before you do.

Read the entire interview here:




Jen Leo’s Rising Thong

And don’t forget to watch Jen playing in the Mansion Poker Dome tournament, airing on FSN July 23, 2006. Check your local listings for times. Read more about Jen’s poker life, experiences, and her hunt for the perfect TV outfit on her personal blog, JenLeoLive!

Good luck, Jen!!