Linking Travel to Current Events and Special Dates

There’s often plenty of room for travel writing in newspapers outside of the travel sections. Be creative in thinking of ways to link your travel experiences to current events or upcoming special occasions such as holidays. Wire services like New American Media out of San Francisco or High Country News’ Colorado-based “Writers on the Range” are always looking for opinion and reporting pieces with a unique or international perspective.

Maybe that recent trip to Northern Vietnam or South Korea could provide some insight…

for a Veterans Day column, or the conversations you had with locals in Mexico City might help inform the folks here at home about what the election really means to the common man in Mexico.




Chances are your local paper might also be interested in the insights you’ve gained overseas. Most community newspapers reserve space for “local experts.” If you’re one of the few people in your town that just happened to be in Thailand or Indonesia when the tsunami hit, or you’ve made the trek to, say, Uzbekistan, well then, guess what, you’re a bona fide expert!