masthead.pngTown & Country Travel, Budget Travel, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, and National Geographic Traveler — to name a few. And, besides studying style and tone, keeping updated on the hottest destinations, and reading insightful articles, I also receive those magazines to keep updated on the comings and goings of the travel editors. But, now finding an updated magazine masthead is easier and faster than waiting for my monthly magazine. was started by a fellow freelance writer who wanted to organize her magazine mastheads and provide writers with updated mastheads (don’t you just love simplicity?). The organization project has grown into a free resource with over 70 mastheads — with magazines of all genres, including travel.




You can learn about new staff changes from magazine insiders and sign up to receive an email when the site is updated. The website also has a message board and articles about breaking into top magazines.

The travel section is extremely underrepresented, but with your can help, it could include every major travel magazine. Submit a masthead by faxing a copy to (760) 462-3980, scanning it, or typing and emailing it to

Like Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Leads (see previous post), I appreciate the hard work and dedication of these writers to advancement of others. If you find something useful on any of their sites, don’t forget to give back to the freelance writing gods.

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