The Leo Trio on Fox Sports Net

These are exciting times for me. I’m about to play in a speed poker tournament to be televised on Fox Sports Net. It’s called the Mansion Poker Dome, and I’ve been blogging about it on my perosnal blog, JenLeoLive! In short, I won a tournament on Mansion Now, I’ll play against five other players for chance to win $25,000.

The Poker Dome is a new attraction to Las Vegas, and has a live studio audience that can see the players’ cards, bets, and even their heart rate!

It tapes this weekend and airs on FSN July 23, 2006.




They’re putting me up at Caesars Palace, giving me $500 casino credit, and full transportation. I filled out an interview sheet and when the producer heard bout my travel books, he jumped all over it. Especially the story where I said that I skirted around secret service to get a picture of my book taken with the First Lady.

This means that Travelers’ Tales, and The Leo Trio will be getting good coverage on FSN. I’m terribly excited. And you know me, whenever you can — cross promote!!!