Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel

beginguide.gifNot quite sure what to make of this site just yet, but I think it’s worth keeping an eye on. Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel is one of dozens of Beginner’s Guide sites, constructed in a style somewhere between and the “for Dummies” series of books.

The Adventure Travel site reads a bit like a series of brief encyclopedia entries on topics from Antarctic vacations to bungee jumping, peppered with ads and without much specific useful information. But the good news is that they look to be paying for more content. In addition to the Adventure Travel site, there are also Beginner’s Guides to a number of travel destinations. They’re looking for help with all these and are willing to pay for it, although you’re likely to spend a while composing the 6,000 word “iBooklet” of five articles for $300, that’s still not bad scratch these days. Check out the writer’s guidelines for all the Beginner’s Guide sites here.




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