The Urbanite: What Makes a Place Memorable?

One of my favorite city reads when I lived in Baltimore was The Urbanite, which has evolved into an even more engaging publication now that I’ve left Charm City (So much so that it teases me to return for more than just a weekend visit!)

Yesterday I devoured a copy of their August issue, which is all about a sense of place. I figured it was worth a mention here since it might offer some food for thought or inspiration to Written Roadies working on place stories of their own. It may also leave some folks hankering for a visit to good ole’ Smalltimore, a trip I would highly recommend. The collection of articles includes an interview with a placemaker, a visit to Amish Country, and a whiff of Baltimore. Can’t you just smell the Old Bay?




They also has a writing opportunity worth mentioning: Each month the editors pick a topic and accept creative nonfiction submissions from readers for the magazine’s What You’re Writing section. Several entries are selected each month. Upcoming topics are “Duplicity” (Aug. 28 deadline) and “Grace” (Sept. 25 deadline). Maybe you have a travel-related story to share?

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