Travel Writing contest from Traveler’s Tales

travelers tales.jpg The folks at Travelers’ Tales are at it again. T.T. has launched the Solas Awards for Best Travel Story of the Year, an annual competition to find the best writing being done about the world today. Solas is an Irish word for “light,” according to T.T. Executive Director Larry Habegger.

“The idea here is that writers illuminate the world, shed light in dark corners, etc., and that’s part of what we’re honoring.”

The T.T. editors will choose winners in 21 categories ranging from adventure to humor, from destination to memoir, and everything in between.




“Some categories focus more on evoking the place (Destination) while others look for deeper emotional meaning (Memoir, Transformation, Love Story) and others probe the things that go wrong (Funny Travel, Bad Trip),” says Habegger. “But in all entries we’re looking for vivid, clear writing that tells a good story. One of our mottos is “The Power of a Good Story,” and that’s ultimately what we want to find, stories that move you, teach you something, change your life or outlook. Stories do this all the time.”

The grand prize category has cash awards of $1,000, $750, and $500. Winners may also be published in Travelers’ Tales books. Get the details at