Changes to Written Road

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back from Australia. Many thanks for your patience with Written Road. It turns out that our hosts, the BootsnAll Travel Network, needed to change their software from Moveable Type to Word Press. So, that’s why the site looks so different. They will continue to make more changes over the coming weeks so that the site is as friendly and accessible to the users as it can be.

Written Road has been a fun and mutually beneficial blog for nearly five years now. It’s gained an international readership, and has blossomed within the niche world that travel writing is. Sean Keener and Chris Heidrich at BootsnAll have been exceptionally generous and helpful over the years in giving me an online home, and just as many years of personal friendship. They’re the reason I started Written Road way back when we were at the beginning of everything. Before my books. Before they owned their own office. It’s wild to think about how much we’ve all grown since then.

And as things grow and change, so must this blog too. I’ll keep writing on Written Road for the next three weeks, and then it’ll be time for me to move on.




There are so many people that benefit from the market leads and resources that Written Road has to offer, it would be a shame to let it fade away. So, I’m hoping that some of you readers will step up and offer to take over. Hopefully, there will be a handful of writers so that the site can grow into the full potential that it can be.

Of course I had visions for an even bigger and more developed Written Road community, but what worked best is the constant source of information and inspiration. Travel writing does not need to be inprisioned as a dream. It is not rocket science. Becoming a travel writer, and a paid travel writer at that — is absolutely attainable. That was the essence of Written Road, and I hope that it can continue to be.

So, if you are interested in writing for Written Road 2.0, please contact myself (jen at jenleo dot com) and Sean Keener (sean at bootsnall dot com).

Until then, I’ll keep the resources, interviews, and industry leads coming.