Gridskipper Contest: Win Wallpaper City Guides

phadion.jpgHere’s a chance to score some glossy guidebooks. Gridskipper wants your best city itineraries: Pick one of the 20 cities featured in Wallpaper’s new City Guides series and describe how to best spend $100 in a day. The itinerary you propose for $100 US dollars should not include lodging, but should feature food and drink suggestions as well as “…a visit to an architecturally interesting site and some sort of physical exertion. Sex counts, video games don’t.”

Plenty of wiggle room here, so don’t hold back — submit your most creative city suggestions and who knows, you might be the winner of a brand-spanking new set of stylish city guidebooks and see your winning entry posted on Gridskipper. Top three entries will be picked. I’m not sure if there is a limit on how many suggested itineraries can be submitted.




FYI, the next 20 titles in this series will be released in April 2007…maybe they’ll run the same contest again for round two? We’ll have to wait and see. Good luck!

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