Making the Most of a Press Trip

janatwaterhole.jpgI’m in Darwin, Australia right now. Australia’s Outbackbrought me over to have a look at their State. I’ll be here for two full weeks, three altogether in Oz. For those of you who are press trip regulars, I’d love to hear about what you do to make good on your trips. When I signed on for this we talked about some ideas for story placement.

Obviously, I want to give them as much exposure as I can. Sadly, I can’t do it all while I’m on the trip. I can barely cover the regular work I need to do during the breaks between tours.

I’d love to hear about the average length of time it takes you to get your stories in, or your articles published after you return.




Here’s a little something I whipped up, a slideshow from my first day trip to the Tiwi Islands. I put it on JenLeoLIVE! because it’s mostly for the friends at home, and becuase I like learning new things, but I managed to work in a plug, too.

So, give me your press trip tips! I’m all ears.