Nomad Editorial Services


Having a personal editor is the best thing I’ve done for my writing.

Yes, classes, writers groups, and especially my internship and staff time at Travelers’ Tales is what gave me a solid foundation for my writing career. Following my own interests and rolling up the sleeves is what got me some recent success in my Vegas/Poker niche. But hiring Amy Scott as my personal editor is what gives me that extra shot of confidence when turning in my work to an editor.

I met Amy via BootsnAll connections and being in the publishing community in San Francisco. Then she worked with Avalon Travel Publishing and Jossey-Bass Publishers before leaving on an extended round the world trip. When Amy got back, she used the skills she gained as an editor in the publisher and started doing similar work as a freelancer for her own Nomad Editorial Services. She’s enjoyed working with writers on a variety of different projects.




I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit slow on the grammar end. And after working on a story till you can’t see straight, sometimes the work needs an extra set of eyes to catch the typos. So, I send my articles to Amy before I turn them in, and you wouldn’t believe the difference. Not only is she helping to replace my commas correctly, but if I wrote a graph that wasn’t clear, she points it out. If my lede isn’t as powerful as she knows I want it to be, she’s honest and tells me. I think we have a great working relationship. I trust her, and we both know she’s not going to hurt my feelings if she doesn’t like something in my aritcle.

I absolutely love having her as my editor, so I encouraged her to promote herself on the Written Road Marketplace in case any of you could use her services. Believe me, she’s worth it.

Whatever you’re working on — magazine articles, newspaper articles, book manuscripts, take a look at Amy’s services, and see how she can help you look better before you go to print.

Contact Amy on her website, Nomad Editorial Services, or by emailing her.