18 Gifts for Writers

moleskinesWe writers are kind of particular sometimes, which can make it hard to find good gifts for writers. Here’s a few great ideas from one writer to another.

I’ve never been this excited about the holidays – so early! The day after thanksgiving retail anarchy and all the sales that are being advertised are affecting me. While I spend more time thinking about what travel books to get and give this December, lets talk about some alternative gifts for writers:



  1. No writer – even if they’re one of the people who composes directly onto a computer now – can have enough Moleskine notebooks.
  2. But don’t give a gift of a lovely notebook without the gift of an equally lovely writing instrument. Any writer can appreciate the quality of a Waterman pen, and a store like Joon has countless more fancy pens to choose from as well.
  3. Yes, having a notebook and pen handy to jot down quick thoughts is great, but what if you’re a tech-savvy writer who’s looking for a gadget instead? Enter a digital voice recorder – or, better yet, a digital recording app for the iPhone.
  4. You can’t always do your writing in a coffee shop – much as you might like to – so prepare your kitchen to serve as the ideal substitute with a good espresso machine. And if you still want to feel like you’re outside the house, drink it from this “I’m not a paper cup” mug. Just remember not to throw it out when you’re done.
  5. Or perhaps you’re an evening writer who prefers a bit of vino to accompany your scribblings? Then the Rabbit Corkscrew is a great gift. Pair that with a set of nice wine glasses (or perhaps these stemless glasses, less likely to tip over when you flail your arms after being struck by an excellent idea) and you’ve got it made.
  6. The Bed Desk is handier than it might appear at first glance – it serves as a place to write without getting out of your cozy bed, and is the perfect spot to treat yourself to breakfast in bed when you’re done with your work. This bed desk even lets you use a laptop while lying down – genius!
  7. Show the world your writer identity with a typewriter charm for your charm bracelet or necklace, or go even more old-school with this feather pen charm.
  8. A copy of the current Writer’s Market book, or a subscription to the newly redesigned WritersMarket.com is in order. Searching online is so handy when you’re away from the bookshelf.
  9. How about giving your favorite writer a spot in a writing class? By all means, ask them which one they want first, but the faves are the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference, Amanda Castleman’s Travel Writing class, and my friends Larry Habegger, Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Don George, John Flinn and Lynn Ferrin do bang up sessions at Book Passage throughout the year.
  10. Personally, I would love a gift certificate to eBags so I could pick out a new laptop bag – and I can’t imagine a laptop-toting writer who wouldn’t enjoy getting a new bag, too.
  11. I’m guessing you know a writer or two who believes that a nice glass of wine helps to lubricate the writing muscles. So there’s no better gift than wine rack bookends to combine the two pursuits!
  12. Levenger is the store for serious readers. From paper products to furniture with organization and work tools in between. Travel writers will like the sleek flip pocket briefcase, and I loved finding their storyboard notepads.
  13. For that writer who’s also a photographer, and who hasn’t been able to justify splurging on themselves, there’s always Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. And for the writer who’s creating their own websites, there’s Adobe Dreamweaver, too.
  14. Some writers prefer to work in silence, while others need a bit of ambient noise in the background. If the writer you’re buying for is a music lover, a fancy new iPod Touch and some new music might be just the thing to get them into the writing groove.
  15. Coffee house gift certificates, never enough! Coffee Bean, Peet’s, Starbucks.
  16. T-Mobile Hotspot prepaid WiFi cards
  17. Accolade and keepsake boxes for acceptance letters – now there’s an idea.
  18. And of course, a gift certificate to their favorite local indie bookstore!

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