Vintage Travel Books

I am highly drawn to the notion of vintage travel books. Vintage, that word that makes everything go up in price and immediately sends signals to your brain that this one item, this thing you are finding in the depths of a thrift store, or in the back of your attic, is extremely valuable. Vintage. Love the word, would name my first kid Vintage if it were socially acceptable. To me, it means that you’re unlikely to find another one like it because it’s so old, or that if you did find another one like it, you’d have to hunt your butt off.
So, is there some group or merchant out there that hosts vintage travel books?

I was on eBay this weekend and bidding up a storm. But then I pulled the reins in and thought, maybe I should find out more about this first.




Right now I’ve got a bid on a First Edition copy of A Trip Around the World, by George Moerlein that was printed in 1886. It’s at $50 right now, but how much is it worth? That sounds old old old to me. My friend Hugh from Midtown Books/Downtown Books would probably know a lot more about this, so I’m going to pose the question to you all.

Do you know of any groups, or at least books where I can find out how much old, rare books are worth? Even if there is no such book on the travel sector? Thanks.