Monthly Archives: January 2006

New York University: From Traveler to Travel Writing

Hey, you east coasters. David Farley, who has heaps of experience and developed a cool blog for travel writers, is teaching a travel writing workshop at NYU pretty soon. See what it’s about, sign up, and start working on those bylines! What: New York University: From Traveler to Travel Writer: […]

My Space for Writers

So, after hearing that My Space is one of the best free marketing and promotional tools out there, I’m finally starting to get my own page going. ( As if I need another blog). But while I take the time to fill out every “favorite” I’ve ever had, maybe some […]

Submission Call: Women’s Tales of Revenge

There is a new anthology coming out through Serpent’s Tail in London and edited by Mitzi Szereto. Here are the details: Getting Even: Women’s Tales of Revenge The “fairer sex”—we’ve all been screwed over in one way or the other, with the screwers often walking away unscathed. Old story, right? […]

Online Travel Writing Class with Amanda Castleman

Last call to get into Amanda Castleman’s popular travel writing class on From Free Trips to Flat Tires The ten-week course explores the different types of travel writing, including first-person memoirs, destination guides, historic reflections and news flashes for globe-trotting executives. Learn to devise appealing pitches and target the […]

Writer and Editor find FREE WiFi in the Valley

Amy Scott and I are in town at the same time and finding great WiFi coffee houses to work in. I’m writing (still the Vegas guidebook), and she’s editing (other travel guidebooks). We met back in San Francisco a few years ago, I think through a BootsnAll connection, but it’s […]

USA Today: Top Travel Jobs

Big congrats to our friend Don George who was interviewed today in USA Today! Jayne Clark wrote a bunch of articles addressing the employment ins and outs of those lucky few with great travel jobs. Top travel jobs: Been there, reported that gets personal with Don George, Global Travel Editor […]

And Now for a Good Review

The other day we had talked about getting a bad review. Today there is a good review. See how it works? It all just is what it is. This is from Inside Bay Area. “The Thong Also Rises” (Travelers’ Tales, $14.95) edited by Jennifer L. Leo is the third in […]

Are You Writing For a Travel Blog Yet?

I am having a similar experience to the author of the last post we talked about, Lucas at Fast Company. I have been approached by a really nice guy, with strong marketing skills to review his site. I don’t necessarily love the site, but I admire his efforts. So, I […]

Corporate Canaries: A Die Hard Author

I just read the entire article, “A Word (Or Two, Or Three) About Persistence” by Lucas Conley. If you are in the process of promoting your book, it’d be good for you to read it, too. And I used the word “entire” not because it is long, but because Lucas […]