Monthly Archives: January 2006

Pencil Revolution

Hey writers, Pencil is a great site for lovers of this necessary tool of many trades. You’ll be surprised at the variety of instruments still being talked about. I remember my first set of important pencils….a collection of NFL pencils that I never sharpened unless I had a dupe. […]

Three Cool Things: #3 Flying Cloud Blog

Ummm…I’ll have their job! Brian, our heroine, and their dog Curtis are driving around the country blogging about their travels in a remodeled 1963 Airstream named Flying Cloud. Does it get any better than that? Yes. They’re poker players. I only just found out about their blog. But so far, […]

Three Cool Things: #2 Slingbox

Now, this came out last year, but it was the first time I heard about since I’m new to a TiVo home. And it’s perfect for travelers who can’t even think of missing their TV shows back home. Slingbox As I was shown, the software downloads on to your computer […]

Three Cool Things: #1 PocketMod

Here are three cool things that crossed my desk this week. PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer Put your organizational needs on paper, then fold it up and take it with you. Use it daily, weekly, or whenever. It all fits on one single sheet of paper. Create your own […]

Happy Birthday Moleskinerie

Yesterday I created my personalized Google page and put in my bookmarks. It is a brilliant website honoring the thoughts and sketches of journalers the world over. Their creator, Armand, has been kind to me and Written Road, and when I went to check in with them this morning […]

Book Proposal Time

And the good news is that the agent I want is interested in my Girlfriend’s Guide to Dating a Poker Player. She’s asked me to write a book proposal with only one sample chapter in it and she already knows the perfect editor for it. She never takes books like […]

Writer/Editor Communications

So, all week and last week I’ve been struggling with my Vegas guidebook project. And it’s SO late. But I felt like the project turned from a quick refresh, to a rewrite of the whole thing. I know and love Vegas, but I don’t live at each and every venue […]

New Travel eZine: Perceptive Travel

Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, and the blog Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations, has a NEW project. And that doesn’t even count the three books he has coming out this year. Perceptive Travel is a new eZine featuring published travel writers. When Tim first told me he was […]

A Million Little Pieces Revealed

If you love the literary world, you must keep on top of the Book Standard. Today they had an article that caught my crime loving eye…Hiding and Lying: Two Authors Exposed I don’t know about you, but this makes me WANT to read the book even more. Because I live […]