Monthly Archives: October 2006

Rome: Little Black Book

Power to the small presses! Tram Eight Press is publishing perfect pocket-sized city guides that get straight to the point, where to eat, drink, and play. They are called the Little Black Book series, and read like one as much as they look like one. I got my hands on […]

Changes to Written Road

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back from Australia. Many thanks for your patience with Written Road. It turns out that our hosts, the BootsnAll Travel Network, needed to change their software from Moveable Type to Word Press. So, that’s why the site looks so […]

Globe Corner Adventure Travel Lecture Series

The Globe Corner Bookstore in Cambridge, MA has announced two events for their fall Adventure Travel Lecture Series: 1) On Wednesday, October 25th, Wayne Bernhardson will speak about travel to Patagonia via the gateway cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires. He is the author of Moon’s Patagonia Handbook as well […]

Olsson’s Book Events and Blogs

Olsson’s Books, an indy chain in VA and DC, has two travel-related author events this week. First up is NPR correspondent John Burnett, author of Uncivilized Beasts and Shameless Hellions: Travels with an NPR Correspondent, who will make an appearance at Olsson’s Dupont Circle store on October 18 at 7 […]

The Travel Gear Blog is Alive and Kicking

Mika Lepisto, has revived BootsnAll’s Travel Gear Blog—and it’s jamming. If you remember, our friend Joe Ehrlich started it a few years ago. Mika has given the site a makeover as a part of BnA’s Logue It series, and they’re looking for more writers. As you would expect, the Travel […]

Making the Most of a Press Trip

I’m in Darwin, Australia right now. Australia’s Outbackbrought me over to have a look at their State. I’ll be here for two full weeks, three altogether in Oz. For those of you who are press trip regulars, I’d love to hear about what you do to make good on your […]

Kepler’s Journey the World Event

Tomorrow night in Menlo Park, Helene Goupil and Josh Krist will talk about their book, San Francisco: The Unknown City, as part of Kepler’s Journey the World series. I have a copy of thic cool city guide but have yet to plan a trip out west so I can see […]

NYT: Travel News Roundup

The New York Times Sunday Travel section had a few short articles regarding books and travel: 1) These Guidebooks Don’t Scream Tourist The article points to the new Moleskine City Notebooks and Time Out Guides as examples of the latest trend in guidebook style — small, sleek and focused on […]

Calvin and Hobbes Talk about Writing

This is the first of four panels where Calvin and Hobbes are discussing writing. Click here for the full strip. I found it on a random Google search. Wikipedia has an extensive page on Calvin and Hobbes, in case you wanted to know more about this treasured strip and the […]