Monthly Archives: November 2006

SkyMaul – Funnier Than Borat?

All the buzz is about the SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane, a parody on you know what. The comedians behind the genius, Kasper Hauser, have received heaps of advanced praise including, “Not since the days of Not the New York Times and The Journal of Irreproducible […]

Vintage Travel Books

I am highly drawn to the notion of vintage travel books. Vintage, that word that makes everything go up in price and immediately sends signals to your brain that this one item, this thing you are finding in the depths of a thrift store, or in the back of your […]

Lets Cheer on the Nano Writers!

It’s National Novel Writing Month, and high time to cheer on the Nanos! For those of you unfamiliar, is a group that is empowering writers to get their novel done. For the full month of November, writers bust their butts to get 50,000 words out. At least. Here is […]