Monthly Archives: January 2007

Broaden your travel writing skills with Tony Perrottet

When travel meets history on the bookshelves, you’ll find Tony Perrottet right there. The author of Naked Olympics and Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists, it is a real treat that Tony is turning towards teaching. He’s intelligent, engaging, and this class is a wonderful opportunity to […]

A Real-Time Luxury Package

You will probably read the most informative yet interesting 250 words on this newly launched travel website-cum-blog called Globorati. What I particularly liked about the site is that it not only tells you about the newest hospitality developments from Timbuktu to Toronto, but it cleverly weaves in carefully researched and […]

Read. No Excuses.

When I used to work in public relations (a corporate job that I recently quit, to live abroad and write) I never seemed to have time to read. 9am to 7pm-high stress job, 2-hours in traffic, need to go out and socialize, come home dead and ready for bed. Besides, […]