For Us Travel Writing Beginners: Collecting Clips

Trying to get my feet wet in the travel publishing industry, through my daily random and restless online search for inspiring travel sites, market leads and story ideas, I recently came across UK based TravelMag. Self-tagged as The Independent Spirit, the site has been up and running since 1997, and focuses on encouraging people to write about their travels, and promises to publish your story, should it be fundamentally good.

If you are trapped in the vicious circle of ‘send your published clips to apply but you have no published clips’, getting some of your writing published on decent, though non-paying websites such as TravelMag, might just give you the clip you need and will certainly give you the boost we all require once in a while.




The website is simple and basically publishes travel features, a mostly regular editorial, and has an active travel forum. Details on the website and submission guidelines can be found here.