Self-Publishing: Baby Steps

An earlier post with Gina Trapani’s wisdom on turning your blog into a successful book was very insightful. Because she has done it herself, she is a success story we can all take invaluable tips from, should we want our blog, or any sort of writing for that matter, to turn into a well-selling book.

However, on a lighter note, incase you merely want to have your blog, or online photoalbum, printed as a book for yourself, or you want to print only that number of books you know will sell, without much of a monetary investment – voila – you can do that too, and it all seems too easy. A couple of websites that will sort this out for you almost instantly are: This website basically works on the print-on-demand concept, and will format your blog into a book for free and even print it, with no service charge. After finding out through Lu Lu how much each book will cost to print, you just need to quote them a selling price, of which they will take a commission. For instance, a 100 page, colour, 6″x9″ book, perfectly bound is estimated to cost you under $20. They will only print it once you have a buyer (hence print-on-demand) – so I guess that would make you a published author for under $20!


FOR FREE This website will format your blog (WordPress, TypePad and MySpace for the moment) into a book in PDF and print it if you like, or you can print it at home! Will turn your flickr album into that coffee table book it deserves to be, a photo album of the digital age in the true sense of the word.

I guess that’s enough to get you testing the waters of publishing your work without getting bankrupt or grey hair. I found most this information on a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald which you can read here.

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