I’ve moved to Madrid

Incase you were wondering, I have not been able to post until today because I have just relocated from Dubai (UAE) to Madrid.There was a compelling need to uproot my life and shake it up a little, if nothing else but to stir up some good writing.

A bit like long-term travel, drastic lifestyle changes can bring out a side of you that you did not know existed. A good way to deal with those changes is to write them, and that’s the plan. Although I am not new to Spain, and I speak Spanish, I am new to Madrid.




Other than eating tapas and drinking sangria all day, I will be teaching English, writing and trying to get a peak into the world of English writers based here. I plan to be here for a year, so other than regular posts, I will share any useful information on the written road that comes my way. Stay tuned!

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