The Craigslist Market

Some may consider searching for jobs on Craigslist to be the bottom of the barrel, however, you can find some rare gems if you dig hard enough. I’ll admit though, I’ve landed some fairly lucrative jobs from Craigslist.

Try looking in the writing/editing jobs and the writing gigs in the page of your hometown or places you often write about, as well as pages in San Francisco and New York and other large cities which have extensive posts for publishers seeking articles and offering jobs. Quite often there are start up travel websites or magazines looking for writers.




Some you can tell right away are absolute rubbish and doomed for failure, but others have quite a bit of potential and are good places to get your foot in the door. Many are non-pay, however, quite a few do pay. Many publishers have told me that they get quite a few responses from Craigslist post, but the majority of the people that reply really don’t put much effort into their query. Just a few people take the time even personalize their response and those are the ones that land the jobs.

There’s even a website dedicated to commenting on writing jobs found on Craigslist: The Craigslist Curmudgeon.