Wend Magazine looking for contributors

Wend Magazine
Wend Magazine, an outdoor and global adventure travel magazine is looking for contributors. The fairly new Portland, Oregon based quarterly is most interested in first person accounts of adventure travel, preferably with photos.

If interested:
1.) Send two clips of your work, relevant to the story you’re proposing.
2.) Send a resume, or summary of your experience.
3.) Send a one-page query (story proposal) summarizing the scope of your story, estimated word count, which department you deem it appropriate for, and an explanation of why you’re qualified to write it.

They are also looking for freelancers for the following departments:

Exit-Outdoor related news on adventure lifestyle or design. Approximately 500 words.




Current-Features new trends in outdoor sports or fringe sports gaining a following. 1000-2000 words.

Road Trip– Accounts of life changing, meditative and humorous road trips all about getting there being half the fun and the exploration upon arrival. 2500 words.

Wanderlust– Feature length accounts of mind boggling journeys, histories, etc. written as a first person narrative. Third person is allowed for certain historical and environmental pieces, but we might suggest the writer demonstrate his/her relevance to the story itself. All the components of a ‘good story’ including character development, tension, problem solving, crisis, Sasquatch attacks, etc. should drip for your manuscript. 3500+ words.

Rates: All departments pay 25 cents a word, with a small bonus for photos. Payment will be made 30 days after publication.

Send all queries and questions to: edit@wendmagazine.com

The magazine also launched a new blog if you want to get a feel for the mag.