How Rolf Potts Did It…

A question I have wanted to ask Rolf Potts, ever since I read his book Vagabonding (which, I can safely say, was key in encouraging me to quit my job and venture abroad) is finally answered on his blog.

It’s a simple yet inspiring story, making it easy to put yourself in his shoes, and aspire to do the same.

I don’t know Rolf personally, but for some reason, it’s very easy to consider Rolf Potts as a friend, one of us. Approachable, grounded and responsive (I left a comment on his blog once, which to my utter delight he replied to) he tells us his story without any fluff.




It’s easy to relate to what he says and he reminds us about the two basic things we need to make it: perseverance and patience.

Also, amongst his first pieces of writing was ‘Storming ‘The Beach”, his adventurous attempt to tip-toe onto the sets of the movie ‘The Beach’, being shot in Thailand at the time. He didn’t make it, but he made a wonderful story of just how he didn’t make it.

Intricately written, he does a super job of giving you the low-down of Thai life through personal anecdotes that made me laugh out loud and feel like he’s telling me the story in person. Check it out here.

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