Call For Unusual Travel Stories

Whorehouse on a farm, airports designed like footballs, a visit to a kimchi museum, a midnight party with extras on a film set in Brazil — that’s the kind of stuff that will be online soon on Meander Magazine.

The new e-zine is set to launch in July, and is looking for stories on all the unusual encounters you have been dying to share but didn’t know where to share them!

Why? you may ask…

travel journalism doesn’t focus enough on the idiosyncrasies of the world…” says the team at Meander.




Some categories of stories they are looking for:
– Features on striking and unexpected experiences while traveling.
– Reports on paranormal places
– Weird airport experiences/places
– Personal essays about strange or interesting experiences with animals while traveling
– Travel photo essays
– Road trip stories

Full writers guidelines can be found here.

To make it into the online launch issue, all pitches must be submitted by June 20 to Articles must be sent as attachments, double spaced with word count included. If you have photos, send them as high-res attachments.

So let the freaky stuff come out of the closet, now will it not only be read, but maybe even published!

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