Do’s and Don’ts for Submitting Travel Stories Online

I can never get enough of ‘do’s and don’ts’ articles.

As an aspiring travel writer trying to get published, more often than not, such articles help me get back on track. Also, when you read them and see that you are following almost all of the do’s, and you are actually staying away from the don’ts – encouragement sours!

So our friends at Brave New Traveler have just published a list of do’s and don’ts for submitting travel stories online.

Written by editor of this online travel community and co-founder of Travel Blogger, Ian Mackenzie – some of the most important do’s that I found were:




– Do read the magazine! (yes read it – don’t glimpse through it!)
– Do write a compelling pitch ( key key key!)
– Do learn how to deal with rejection (it’s part of the package)
– Do define success on your own terms (“The only truth is that everyone writes for different reasons — don’t let anyone tell you what constitutes success”)

And some don’ts:

-Don’t wallow in self pity
-Don’t harass the editor
-Don’t send out your story to more than one magazine

Read the full article here.

Looking for contributing authors:
I would jump at this opportunity:Brave New Traveler is currently looking for some regular contributors, so if you are interested – drop them a line.

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