Monthly Archives: July 2007

The World’s Best Mexican Beach Resorts

I love the Travel Channel, but The World’s Best Mexican Travel Resorts was actually the title of a show that I caught the other day. Oddly enough, all of the resorts featured were in Mexico.

Journalism and Facebook

So who’s not part of frightening Facebook yet? I’m the last to endorse networking communities, but Facebook is an exception. With 31 million users from every corner of the world, if you are not on it you are not only missing a huge networking opportunity, but also the opportunity to […]

Book Addiction

I go absolutely gaga for books. The way they look stacked together. Even the way they smell. I’m addicted to buying them. I buy online. From book stores. From garage sales. From little stands that also sell water and Doritos beside Moche ruins. My very large five shelf book case […]

Market Lead: Food and Travel Editor at Baltimore Magazine

I just caught this one and thought it would be a really great position if anyone is familiar with the Baltimore area. Baltimore Magazine, the nation’s oldest city magazine, is looking for a senior level editor to cover the food and travel sections of the magazine. Overall job requirements: Someone […]

Guardian’s Weekly Top 10 Travel Blogs

So the Guardian has a new travel-blog spy on board – Benji Lanyado. Looks like the Guardian is diverting new focus to the blogosphere, and this dude is doing the honours. He is not a typical reviewer though – hard to please and not afraid to say what he thinks. […]

Market Lead: Editor at Avalon Travel Publishing

Avalon Travel Publishing has an opening for an Editor in their Emeryville, California office. The editor will be responsible for acquiring 20–28 travel guidebook titles per year, search out and screen potential authors, research competing titles, review and edit proposals, negotiate contracts, etc. Ideal candidates: -have experience hiring writers for […]

Join A Writers Group

“Hi my name is Abha and I’m a writer,” is what I said when I walked into my first writer group meeting. Not to sure what I would get from it, I decided to go anyway. I was lacking inspiration and didn’t have anyone to brag to, so thought I’d […]

Job Lead To Jamble On!

It’s the word for the day and I really like it: Jamble – verb:- to explore aimlessly. i.e. 1. I jambled through the city streets, stumbling upon a…,2. he was jambling through a record store when he discovered… Eco-friendly travel website Jamble is looking for a few writers to help […]