Job Lead: Chicken Soup For The Soul

For those of you who would like a bang at writing an emotionally driven story for a change, the famous Chicken Soup publishers are looking for contributions. What would we do without them. *Sigh*.

Although they generally accept articles year round, word is that they are currently yelping for stories for their Chicken Soup for the Twenty-Something Soul edition.

So if you have a story about anything, be it: relationships, travel, money, tragedies, fate, destiny, coincidences, struggle, adventure, life-changing events or whatever else – aslong as you can strike a sentimental chord that would make the readers, laugh or cry — you have a shot here.

The story can be told from any angle: reflecting back on your own experience, being a part of someone else’s twenty-something experience, or sharing a story about how a twenty-something has impacted you — you don’t need to be in your twenties to submit.




What you need to do next:
– Go to and read the “Story Guidelines” which outlines the recipe for a winning Chicken Soup Story.
– Write your story – approximate word limit is 300-1200 words
– Go to , click on “Submit a Story” and be sure to select “Twenty Something” as the book title. Fill out the info and just paste your story in the appropriate box.

First submission batch: July 16th; Official Deadline August 1st (yes you need to hurry!)

– $200 (if your story gets published)
– A bio (if desired) giving you the opportunity to promote yourself, your business, a cause, etc in Chicken Soup.
– 50% off the book for eternity.

PS: You can also submit a story that has already been published elsewhere and/or can publish it in the future. Apparently, Chicken Soup does not ask to own the rights to your story, but does require your permission.

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