Monthly Archives: August 2007

Interview: David Farley

Writer David Farley has been featured in notable publications such as The Washington Post, Perceptive Travel, and Playboy. He was the co-editor of Travelers’ Tales Prague and teaches travel writing at Gotham Writers’ Workshop and New York University. His book on his search for the foreskin of Jesus will be […]

Market Lead: Matador’s Bounty Board

Matador recently released their Bounty Board, which has a list of articles without an author and the price per article. Right now they range from $50-200 on topics such as Surfing Central America and Explorng the Coast of Mozambique. You can click on each article and get the details. Right […]

Market Lead: Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks, a newly launched monthly online travel e-zine from a tour operator that is looking to turn in a new direction, is looking for contributing writers and photographers to feature in upcoming issues. Exact compensation is still being negotiated, but will be an option of either payment or travel […]