Monthly Archives: November 2007

Moving to NYC

I’m married now, been everywhere, and finally earning enough scratch to stay afloat, so my wife and I are relocating to New York City, home of all my childhood hopes and dreams. Are plan was to buy a house here in Columbus and stay for a few years and then […]

Vagabondish Travel-Writing Tips

Vagabondish, a great portal full of travel-resources,tips and commentary, last week launched their ‘guide to better travel-writing’ which gave 23 habits of a good travel-writer. Today they released the 2nd part of the multi-series that shares ‘20 time-tested techniques for travel writers‘ that also has exercises that you might want […]

Travel-Writing Web 2.0

For those who haven’t seen this already, there is a great interview with Tim Leffel done by our friends at Brave New Traveler. With everything under the sun moving online at an incredibly fast pace, the future of travel-writing on the Internet is a hot topic. I personally think that […]

Vagabondish call for writers

Vagabondish has put out a call for writers and contributors to its features section. Sadly, it’s no pay, but they say they will be in the near future. Contact: Mike via the Vagabondish website: and be sure to include your name, contact info, a bit about you and why […]