Questions with the NYT Travel Editor

Stuart Emmrich, travel editor of the New York Times, is answering questions from readers this week in the Talk to the Newsroom page. If you send them right now you still might be able to get one in. He’s givena few interesting answers so far that I thought I’d point out. Decent advice to say the least:

I am not looking for good “travel writers” but instead good writers and — more important — good reporters with wide and varied backgrounds, who can bring their knowledge of such specific topics as history, art, music, literature, the environment, and world events to the subject of travel.”




Finally, if you really do want to write for the Travel section — and we do publish the work of freelancers on a regular basis — I would suggest that you follow these simple guidelines:
Tell me what’s new, what’s different, what’s worth spending my money on? What great deals and what surprising travel options are out there for our readers?

He also discusses the freebies, ethics, and press trip policies of the Times, the Open Skies agreement, dangerous destinations, the times readers and their income, and the environmental concerns of traveling. Check it out.

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