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Rejection: we all have to deal with it as writers. Some of us more than others. I came across this article in a Seattle weekly about one writers struggle. Enjoy!

Scarce Posting

Sorry about the scarce posting over the last few weeks, looks like both Nick and I have been swamped with different things. I’ve been wrapping up things here in Madrid before I leave for Dubai to spend 3-weeks with my family; I haven’t been home in 18 months. My brother […]

Travel Writing Competition: Win A Trip To Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Pages has just launched a travel-writing competition where you can get a trip valued at $3000 to Costa Rica. Simple drill: Write a 300-word-minimum description of your most memorable vacation or travel moment and how it changed or affected you. Deadline: Friday, August 1. Unfortunately the prize doesn’t […]

Viva Travel Guide’s Travel-Writing Boot Camp Schedule

Viva Travel Guides (a new guidebook company focused primarily on Latin America that offers all of their content for free online) will be holding a few guidebook/travel writing crash courses over the next couple of months. Viva’s Boot Camps are week-long courses that teach students how to hit the ground […]

Matador Launches 8 Million New Websites

I mean 8. Still, in the online travel website medium that’s muchissimo. This is good news for budding travel writers that want a entry level market to break in and earn enough for a few drinks. They now have 9 total sites: MatadorTravel: Social network with blogs, photos, forums, paid […]