Matador Launches 8 Million New Websites

I mean 8. Still, in the online travel website medium that’s muchissimo. This is good news for budding travel writers that want a entry level market to break in and earn enough for a few drinks. They now have 9 total sites:

MatadorTravel: Social network with blogs, photos, forums, paid travel writing.

MatadorTrips: Offers detailed destination guides and trip ideas for travelers.

MatadorStudy: Features information and resources about studying and teaching abroad.




MatadorNights: The world’s hottest nightlife. Explores volunteer opportunities worldwide.

TheTravelersNotebook: Practical tips for travelers.

BraveNewTraveler: Thoughtful essays that explore the nature of travel.

MatadorGoods: The latest and greatest in travel gear, gadgets, clothing, and travel related media like books, music and DVDs.

MatadorPulse: Brings you news from the Matador Community and travel news from across the Web.

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