Job Lead: City Editor For Travel Guide To Paris

Not For Tourists (a US company based in NYC with 9 guides for US cities, and one for London coming out in November) is looking for a City Editor to help create its guide to Paris.

They need a writer/editor with the following requirements:
–French native speaker
–Must be currently living in Paris
–Must have lived in Paris for at least the last five years
–Excellent written and spoken English
–Availability September-December 2008

Applicants will be paid an hourly rate to write for the guide as well as manage, edit, and translate other Paris writers’ work as they plan on hiring between 15-20 neighborhood editors.




If you wish to be considered for this position, submit the following via email to: rob(at)
–Cover Letter
–One 65-word neighborhood blurb and five 3-10 word restaurant/nightlife blurbs. (Click on any of the maps in the link to see what neighbourhood blurbs look and sound like; click on Arts & Entertainment/Restaurants and Arts & Entertainment/Nightlife to see what the 3-10 word blurbs look and sound like.)

Candidates should submit their resume, cover Letter and blurbs in BOTH French and English. Your ability to match the style and tone of the website will be the deciding factor.

Good luck!