Hi, My Name Is Tim, And I Am An Alcoholic

Okay not really, but if the expense account is big enough….

Last night while smashed up against the uber-fit writing crowd of Boulder, Colorado (read: I just ran a marathon and decided to swim a mile to cool down), I kept hearing the theme of online journalism popping up. Now I’m no newbie to technology, some have even gone as far to call me a geek, so the conversation was interesting to say the least. The main theme appeared to be the two worlds–print and online–are not colliding as nicely as everyone would like.

Everyone it seems has an opinion and some are less than flattering. Three weeks ago when Nick and Abha called out for new writers, I knew exactly what I wanted to bring to the table: A new writers perspective of the travel writing industry and how the web can increase our chances of landing an assignment.




Over the next few months I hope to further the conversation between editors, writers, freelancers and web producers regarding online content and how we can all become multimedia savvy. Future posts will include informational interviews with web editors, accomplished photographers, videographers and those trying to break into the industry. As well as useful advice on which digital camera to buy, what white balance is and how to edit a short video.

But most importantly the goal is to help Written Road readers expand their toolbox and land more assignments, which ultimately can mean a few more drinks at the bar.

Note: If you have an editor you would like to hear from, or a question about new media please feel free to comment or email me directly timshisler [at] gmail and I’ll do my best to address the issue.

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