Meet Travel Photographer Steve Davey and Improve Your Shots – London, Next Tuesday

If you’re in the vicinity of Stanfords Travel Bookshop, Covent Garden, next Tuesday, Steve Davey will be sharing his wisdom. This guy snapped the pictures that make the bestselling BBC book series Unforgettable Places To See Before You Die truly unforgettable.

He’ll show you how to take great travel photos and more than likely share his experience of working on the latest book in the series, Unforgettable Islands to escape to before you die.

Tickets are £12 and include wine
Buy them in-store, by email at or by phone on (+44) 020 7836 1321

Forthcoming events at my all-time favourite travel bookstore include;




Stephen Fry signing his new book Stephen Fry In America – 4th Oct, 12.00

Bruce Parry the author of Amazon – currently being screened on BBC TV – 15th Oct, 19.00

Maria Munn, Britain’s first underwater photography tutor takes the stage – 4th Nov, 19.30pm

For more on Stanfords travel bookshop and read my review at Sandwagon

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